Features of transportation of things
Features of transportation of things

Our transport company Gainesville movers specializes in providing comprehensive services when moving to another city. Our main goal is to satisfy the client's requests and ensure the most comfortable move. We provide both basic and additional services: transportation of household appliances and furniture, transportation of cargo of unusual shape, packaging, marking, loading and unloading.
Do you have antique property that needs to be handled as carefully as possible? You can trust us to transport it and be sure that everything will go smoothly, deliver it safely. We have everything to fulfill the order in a timely manner, while the volume and weight does not matter.
Features of transportation of things
It is important that all things and items are packed and marked. Thus, there will be no difficulty in disassembling the boxes, as well as, this is a guarantee of their safety and cleanliness. Special attention should be paid to the transportation of children's items, namely: toys, clothes, dishes, bedding. In this case, it is important to maintain maximum purity.
Our trucks wash daily, while it is worth realizing that the staircases, asphalt and even the floor in the new apartment can be dirty. For everything to be sterile, it is important to pack things in special packages that protect them from dust, moisture and microbes.
Packing and Loading
Even with the most accurate trip on domestic roads, it is impossible to avoid natural vibrations of the body. To successfully transport things without material losses, they must be properly packed and carefully loaded into the car.
To protect fragile items when moving, the company advises using:
  1. Cartons of different volumes. It is easy to spread books, documents, small dishes and personal belongings in them. The boxes are strong, easy to carry and as compact as possible when placed in the car body.
  2. Air-bubble film. It has high strength and excellent damping characteristics. It is indispensable for packaging fragile products, household appliances, furniture and musical instruments.
  3. Arrow film. Perfectly fixes, protects things from pollution and accidental damage. The arrow film is wound with case and soft furniture, large household appliances and other overall items.
The entire transportation process from transportation to arrival at the unloading point is carefully controlled by the personal logistics manager. We always know where the car is, we monitor compliance with the route and timing of the trip.
Unlike most transport companies, cars move along the express route, do not accept prefabricated cargo and do not stop at intermediate points. This eliminates accidental damage to items during unloading for other customers, and also significantly reduces delivery times.

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